Scientific name: Bantus Bantus Banti Banti Bant Bant
First appearance: Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling

Bants are small flying creatures that prefer to walk and live underground rather than use their wings. This seems stupid, but actually Bants are quite intelligent. They are social Blugs, which is lucky as they live in nests with populations of over one hundred thousand.

Bants get along for two reasons; one, they are all exactly the same, and two, they are always busy, so there is no time not to like each other. There is no such thing as a lazy Bant. If a Bant was spotted not doing much he would get a lot of dirty looks. This would shame him so much he would bite his own head off.

Every day Bants leave the nest looking for food. They spread out in all directions forming scout groups. When a group finds a good source of food it has to communicate the whereabouts to the rest of the colony. It does this by co-ordinated gesturing. They make signs and signals to indicate the direction of the food.

A Bant is surprisingly intelligent, for a thing without a face. Some Blugs are less subtle in their behaviour.