The Bletchling is a super Blug, one that is weirder, uglier and more terrifying than any other flanimal that exists or ever has existed.


If you were to feed the brain of a Bletching to another Flanimal it would go mental, killing everything in its path. Even if you mashed the brain up and liquidised it and injected it into a Glonk, the Glonk would smash your face in. This is because the Bletchling's brain is evil on a molecular level. Bletchings brains are made of pure hate cells.

Other features of the Bletchling include;

* Compound Gog Finders

* Stingy Lip Wip

* Exo-Shell

* Pure Hate Cells

* Goo Valve

* Vamp Mandible

* Grind Sac


The sheer sight of the Bletchling would paralyse you with fear.


Bletchlings rise from the ground every thousand years.

"The ground wriggled and writhed, a vomboid stench plunged the air. One whiff of the giant inpsychosect made Flanimals spew and moan across the land. The Bletchlings were on their way. First hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then hundreds again. They waited as blood pumped into their wings. They flew high enough to swarm over every livng creature on the planet and destroy. They vomited their caustic goo onto all Flanimal life. First, it feels sticky. So sticky you're stuck. Then it burns and finally turns you into Flaimal stew. The Bletchling would descend and suck up the liquidized victim. The Flanimals decided to rise up against the Bletchlings, and they all united as an army to combat them. After a great battle, the Bletchlings were dwindling and the Flanimals winning, until more Bletchlings hatched. All the Flanimals were wiped out. The Bletchlings had won, but destroyed each other. The planet stood still, and there was no life. No life at all."

--- from the book the Day of the Bletchling

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