Scientific name: Hmpahoid Strich-Hopper
First appearance: Flanimals

The Blunging cares for its young. It's not happy when it has to watch the adult Mernimbler rip the baby's head off.

Herds Edit

Blunging are social creatures and live in herds. When fully grown they are the fastest Flanimals on the planet, so fear no predator. Baby Blunging are not so fast, and taste brilliant.

Voices Edit

A baby Blunging sounds like a mongoose with a cold. As a Blunging grows up sounds like a normal goose with a cold and larygitis.

Evolution Edit




In More Flanimals, it said that the Horosi Horasi is the fastest flanimal on the planet. However, in Flanimals, it said that the Blunging is the fastest.