Scientific name: Ovarian Fliphanger
First appearance: Flanimals

The Coddleflop slurdles around absorbing stains and puddles. Its only defence is to flip over to protect its soft top. Unfortunately, bottom is equally soft and is instantly squashed when trodden on.

Grundits like to dip Gum Spudlets into Coddleflops as it improves their flavour. The Grundit also likes to step on Coddleflops as they like the sound they makes as they squelch then pop. The Coddleflop is used as a frisbee again by the Grundit. This kills the Coddleflop.

There are at least fifty types of Coddleflop.


  • Despite appearing quite frequently in the first Flanimals book, the Coddleflop makes few appearances in the following books.
  • Despite being mentioned in the second Flanimals book, an image of the Coddleflop is not present in this book which makes it the only book in the series without an image of the Coddleflop.
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