Gorgamals are a off break of Flanimals. Gorgamals were discovered 1,16,2011. The creature that was caught is a Tewasi. Gorgamals are just as strange Flanimals. Most Gorgamals can be found in common places such as a backyard, a park ( of any kind) ,a abandoned building & many other places. These creatures are beleived to live among the Flanimals. Gorgamals are most likely to be playing then attacking.well that's all I know!

                                            LIST OF KNOWN GORGAMALS: 
                                         . Tewasi 
                                         . Soxem 
                                         . Gosis
                                         . Treak
                                         . Gorgli & Gorgly (there basicly the same)
                                         . Tife