Scientific name: Grundoidian Yobjammer
First appearance: Flanimals

Grundit staggers around half witted and grumpy trying to start trouble. Its favourite hobby is using the Puddloflaj as a form of transport, but it always falls off, causing the bumps on its head. Luckily the brain is too small to be affected.


One of the Grundit's favourite pastimes is to stamp on a Coddleflop. They like the sound they make when they squelch then pop. Grundits also like to eat Gum Spudlets. They dip them in Coddleflops to improve the flavour. They also use baby Puddloflaj as water balloons. Baby Grundits make the mistake of becoming friends with baby Puddloflaj only to be taught how to behave by an adult. The Grundit also likes to use the Coddleflop as a frisbee. The Grundit can only throw the Coddleflop once because each one dies on impact. Luckily there are so many Coddleflops that the Grundit never runs out.


According to More Flanimals, Grundit evolution is as follows:

  1. Splorn
  2. Gumption
  3. Progulant Glob
  4. Ung Noglet
  5. Grundit

However, according to Flanimals of the Deep, the following stages are shown. It is implied they place between the Ung Noglet and the Grundit on the tree of life:

  1. Slungulent Flidge (200 million years ago)
  2. Fump Ploader (100 million years ago)
  3. Grump Drongo (50 million years ago)
  4. Grundit (Last Tuesday)


  • The Grundit is one of the most iconic Flanimals, even featuring on the cover of the first book.


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