Hemel Sprot
Scientific name: Plodis Reversis
First appearance: Flanimals

The Hemel Sprot rushes across the guddle deserts on its wobble pod, only looking where its been, never where its going. Eventually dies by bumping into the Sprot Guzzlor.

Incidentally, the Hemel Sprot isn't a true Sprot at all, it's actually part of the Ployb family. It's referred to as a Sprot as it looks just like one. It is never called a Hemel Ployb as there's no such thing.

The Hemel Sprot is also recycled in the Sprog and Hemel Sprot Recycling Plant.

Others Edit

It also gets rolled around by the Sprot Tumbler. Gets looked at by the Sprot Oggler. The Sprot Mungler looks and acts like the Sprot Oggler.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hemel Sprot appears in every Flanimals book.