Horosi Horasi
Scientific name: Razus Razus
First appearance: More Flanimals
The Horosi Horasi was a scrabulatory skruntling that is the fastest Flanimal on the planet. When running over short distances it is able to reach a top speed of fifty miles an hour. This is incredible considering it is also one of the smallest Flanimals that exist. It has been discovered that it is able to reach such speeds because it possesses something that no other creature has - legs that go absolutely mental.
Evolution sm

Splorn evolution to Horosi Horasi, Dweezle Muzzbug and Squat. Splorn to Horosi Horasi : Splorn, Flagella, Drub Mipe, Horosi Horasi. Splorn to Dweezle Muzzbug : Splorn, Flagella, Wig Scrambler, Dweezle Muzzbug. Splorn to Squat : Splorn, Flagella, Drub Mipe, Scrabs, Muffid Skrunt, Squat.