Tsott klunt
Scientific name: Iz
First appearance: Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling

The Klunt is a Blug that is extremely aggressive. It has razor-sharp teeth, which it loves to sink into the neck of any Flanimal that gets too close. If the Flanimal the Klunt is trying to bite doesn't get close enough its still not a problem. The Klunt will just walk over to the Flanimal and sink its teeth into its neck anyway.

The Pseudo Klunt mimics the Klunt to stop it getting eaten by predators.

Klunts sweat because their blood is boiling in anger.

In Flanimals: The Day of the Bletchling, a Klunt is seen biting the neck of a Spleg.

Klunts look similar to Gum Spudlets, except more aggressive.