Scientific name: Gruntling Flumpamorphis
First appearance: Flanimals

Mernimblers live on honey water and the softer bits of clouds. They stay this way for some time, then turn into adults when someone says "Oh, look at those cute Mernimblers, I think I'll stroke one."

The Adult Mernimbler eats everything it sees and dies of chronic indigestion.

The Adult Mernimbler is among the top 3 predators in recent Flanimal history, on par with the Squat but beneath the Bletchling.


When a baby Mernimbler is halfway through transformation it has the arms and feet of the adult.


The adult and baby Mernimbler weigh the same. This makes the baby Mernimbler the densest Flanimal on the planet.

Other babiesEdit

The adult Mernimbler has a habit of squeezing the baby Munty Flumple's head and biting its face.

Food ChainEdit

Baby Mernimblers get eaten by Flemping Bunt-himmlers which in turn gets eaten by Adult Mernimblers. The world record for the quickest a Flemping Bunt-himmler has been ripped to bits by Mernimblers is 12 seconds. As it climbed it the nest, it foolishly commented on how cute the Mernimblers were.



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