Scientific name: Molo Flapian
First appearance: Flanimals of the Deep

The Mulon is the most intelligent being on the planet. Although it is air breathing, it has completely adapted to ocean life and successfully dominated the planet. It has done this not by changing the nature of its world to fit its needs, but rather by evolving and developing its own habits and needs to fit in with nature. It believes that all life is precious and never knowingly hurts another Flanimal. The saddest sound in the universe is the harmonious whimper of a thousand Mulons when one dies.

The problem is that being this way can be a bit boring. Soon they got a bit fed up with living underwater all the time. They would come to the shore and watch the goings-on on land. They'd been in the water so long that now they could never live on land, but they could not remember why they ever left it. They longed to see what it was like to walk, run and hop. They were sad and started to envy the land Flanimals a bit.

Mulons live in social groups. They do this as there is safety in numbers. If you are in the middle of a big herd and a hungry Molf or Roxstrambler is hunting, you have a better chance of survival because there are hundreds of others surrounding you that can be eaten instead.