Scientific name: Muttinus Rump
First appearance: Flanimals of the Deep

Sleeb are glumflorary hogglers. They snuffle around slowly for a few months then rest..

Groy are also known for keeping Sleeb, like farmers keep sheep. followers to a dictatorship.

Sleeb are dumb and fat but they are cute and soft so they make good pets for those rich enough to afford to feed them. You can restrain them in Sleebapens, but they do not like it.

Sleebs are subordinate to Volfs and Ros, which take care of and protect them in exchange for unfaltering obedience, which is not hard for sleebs because they are so dumb. A sleeb-bleez hybrid that is more bleezly than sleebly is a Bles, and a sleeb-bleez hybrid that is more sleebly than bleezly is a Sleb. Both are smarter and uglier than the average sleeb, and eat less and are skinnier. They are also less fuzzy. The sleb is dumber, cuter, fuzzier and fatter than the bles.