Evolution sm

Splorn evolution to Horosi Horasi, Dweezle Muzzbug and Squat. Splorn to Horosi Horasi : Splorn, Flagells, Drub Mipe, Horosi Horasi. Splorn to Dweezle Muzzbug : Splorn, Flagells, Wig Scrambler, Dweezle Muzzbug. Splorn to Squat : Splorn, Flagells, Drub Mipe, Scrabs, Muffid Skrunt, Squat.

Splorn is the very first form of Flanimal life. It is basically a gelloid membrane. It can divide itself in 2 due to the fact it contains the building blocks of Flanimal life.

It went through many evolution processes, as one seen on the right.